If anyone understands just how precarious the world is, it's none other than Treasure Island Media, one of the most controversial gay porn studios ever in the history of anal insertion and the founder of, an online heaven for rod lovers and all their lovers, as well. Even better, its user-generated content allows the viewer to feel like they, too, have helped bring the world back from total and complete environmental annihilation. Says founder and cocksucker par excellence, Paul Morris:

"Suck dick and you're doing your part to save the world, making it a better and happier place. That's all it takes. Sucking cock is sexual, of course - but like all sex, it's not just sex. It's also spiritual and political. And it works. We want to be a place where men who share these ideals and practices can connect," added community developer Gehno Sanchez."

Well Gehno? Well Paul? We want to be a part of your community because clearly our community - busy as it is with over-priced electric vehicles, eco-friendly milkshakes and carbon-free designer eyeglass cases - needs a little less Save-The-Earth boosterism and more - substantially more - sucking off.

(P.S. Treasure Island Media just received news, too, that "The 1000 Load Fuck" was the most watched film of 2010 on the AEBN network. Yeehaw!)

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