Hairy Daddy Gets Sucked

I'm not used to seeing younger guys on Butch Dixon. The hairy man site has proved that it has some of the hottest, masculine men on the Web; and until now, most of these men have been well into their thirties and forties. That's not going to change, but a couple of months back Butch Dixon filmed a hot daddy/boy video and it went off like a wildfire. So, he paired up beefy, hairy Daddy Miles with a cute, blond, bearded guy. Anthony is mostly smooth except for his beard and furry belly, and he's prime cub material. But Anthony has a thing for older men and he knows how to keep his daddy happy. As a bit of a daddy myself, I was a little envious when Miles lay back in his chair, spread his legs, and had this cute, bearded guy chowing down on his dick. Anthony loves sucking cock and it shows. There are several great shots of this cocksucker paying particular attention to daddy's foreskin. That's a good boy! And Miles rewards his boy with a butt load of daddy cock - hard, thick, and ready to cum.

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