When you're a New Yorker, you get used to the daily horror that is the subway system. Starting each day descending to the seventh rung of hell (it is underground!) can make a guy kinda grumpy. But just because you're crammed in like a sardine every morning doesn't mean that some of the other passengers can't be hot! Who hasn't fantasized about that sexy fellow straphanger rubbing up against you--and wondered whether he was hung!? Well, has managed to find the silver lining among the track congestion. This new site asks observant riders to suss out hidden talent and sneak a pic or two. They then submit the photos to the site, where a pithy and/or snarky description is added. Here you see a scantily clad chocolate daddy (the copy reads: "That chain makes me want to put him on a leash and take him home"), a snoozing stud who can pass out on our shoulder anytime (as long as he doesn't drool!) and a muscular blondie searching for service. London readers can get on track for local hotties at bro site

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