Subway Crush

'See, snap, share' is the mantra of NY based blog Subway Crush, and anyone can join in. The idea is that when you're on the subway you simply take a secret snap of someone special and send it in. This way the blog builds up a collection of hunky guys caught unawares on camera on the New York underground. This blog has attracted press coverage and there's a page about that, and it must have a huge following as well. You can send in your own pic or just view those of others, and there's a big archive to scroll back through. But...

And the 'but' is that the people you take snaps of must be guys, and they must be hunks. But then everyone's idea of a hunk is different and so you get all kinds of varied men appearing here. Geeks, sportsmen, office workers, anyone will do and they take a little time to put in some written observations with each voyeur-style snap, as well. It's good fun and is building a cult following day by day.

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