A whimsical blog from Richard, a very brainy writer who lives in New Orleans and greets you on his Pics page by wearing a T-shirt saying "YOU ARE UGLY". Richard shares his dreams with you, such as the night he dreamt he was Tyra Banks' hairdresser, and was shamed for putting too much glitter in her weave.

Richard's a self-described "good Southerner" and to prove it, he has a dog called Gaston, writes open letters offering aesthetic criticism to the managers of Harrah's New Orleans, and often uses words like "Scoot" and "parlayed".

His eight-year old blog is guaranteed satisfaction. A title page of ascending sky-blue balloons gives way to page after page of hilarious wit. Simple design puts the focus on the blog, but the photo galleries are worth a look, if only to check out the topless boyfriend shots.

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