Studio 1088 previews the astounding artwork of Michael Breyette. While I don't get out much and have never heard of the man, one look at his creations and one gets the impression he's no fool when it comes to conjuring up real life and fantasy with his hands. Michael was once asked, "You're very talented, but why that subject matter?" They were of course referring to the artist's keen interest in gay erotica. Being a gay man, do we really need a large explanation on why he does what he does? From my experience, the detail in Michael's drawings is literally impeccable. But not to the point where you can't tell that it's not a photograph. Personally, I love that fact. It means it came from right inside his own mind. Even though he actually used live models for certain words, he presented them to us in his very own perspective. The site itself is wonderfully designed and quite easy to navigate. Just follow the menu underneath the header and you're good to go. Even if you're not interested in buying anything from Michael, I will say that at least going here to visit and see what this man can do is highly recommended. Go witness what this sensational artist can do.

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