Stud Muffin Blog is actually a kick-ass, funny and sexy as hell blog written by Brian, its irrepressible author. Witty and with an open adoration of gay male sexuality, he posts most of his stuff about guys in the gay porn film industry. His list of his Top Ten Stud Muffins shows a gaggle of guys who performed in late-broken gay porn, mostly very new stuff. Brian here is at the very well-informed forefront of hot new stars and films. I like his blog because he introduces us to these newer guys, filling us in a bit on personalities and factoids. Not only that, but he has relationships with many of them, for example interviewing Montreal's finest - Jeremy Feist - for his blog and getting some very candid talk out of a hot young porn star bout sex, "coming out", family and his favorite co-stars. Intelligent and very contemporary, the "New" is what motivates this author and he produces an excellent blog which makes extra effort to inform and entertain us concerning the latest gay male entertainment efforts. Brian has a very entertaining thing going on here and his pictures are universally smoking hot. He is not afraid to lay on some pictorial sizzle - no sir, not one bit. I recommend this blog for those who want to know what's new and who's new. And at the same time, who might want to enjoy some delicious eye candy.

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