Justino has one of the hottest, hardest uncut cocks I've ever seen, and does this boy know how to work that thing! The Miami Boyz crew is always searching for straight latin cock, but when they found Justino, they just had to make an exception. Why an exception? Well, 18 year old Justino isn't straight, but he's just the type of amateur that Miami Boyz is about. He's from Argentina, and he never thought seriously about doing a porno movie before. And with that fat 8 inch uncut cock, he was quite a find.

This is the perfect guy if you're into latinos with pubic hair and foreskin! Justino is into stretching his foreskin and had no problem showing just the way he likes it...


Justino says he loves to have his cock sucked, and really doesn't care whether a guy or a girl is doing the sucking as long as they are willing to swallow his load.


Isn't that a beautiful sight! Justino's long, thick pole at full mast, his foreskin pulled back to uncover the head of his cock. This thing is a lot more than a mouthful - wouldn't you love to try it and see?


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