Strip Blackjack Leads to Anthony Fucking Alessio Strip Blackjack Leads to Anthony Fucking Alessio

What better way for two strangers to get to know each other than a game of strip blackjack! Well, that's what Dirty Tony thought when he introduced the young, somewhat inexperienced hottie Anthony Rex to the older and wiser Alessio Romero.

Things start off with the guys on the bed together playing cards, with the loser stripping off a piece of clothing after each round, on the understanding that the winner gets to top whoever ends up naked first. Now, intentional or not, Alessio is first to be wearing nothing but a jockstrap, and that's when the cards stop and things really get horny! After some hot kissing and cock stroking, Anthony decides to work on his prize, and he goes down and starts sucking and deep-throating Alessio's thick cock. But before long it's Alessio's turn to get his own throat stretched, plus he also dives further down and some spit and stubble lead to some hot arse eating action, which soon has Anthony moaning his approval. But eventually the winner wants to claim his ultimate prize and Anthony lays back and watches as Alessio slides his tight hole right down over Anthony's thick, rigid cock. Alessio gets a major thigh workout in this position, but the younger Anthony wants even more depth, so he pulls out and quickly rolls Alessio over onto his back and re-inserts his boner ... balls deep! This is the position that hits all of Alessio's buttons and he rips loose with a huge cum shot that lands all over his thick chest hair. Then it's Anthony's turn to deliver the goods and he grabs hold of Alessio's hips and continues fucking him deep and hard until he reaches his point of no return, quickly pulls out, moves around and delivers his own seemingly unending stream of cum right into Alessio's waiting mouth!

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