Seriously, this site is about Streaking and not sex. Yes, it's sexy, yes there are good looking guys naked, but they are simply taking their clothes off and having a laugh. Or running in a race, raising money for charity perhaps, or just messing around. If this sounds like fun, then this site is where you need to head to. I checked it out and met the title message which makes it clear we're not looking at a sex blog here. That's fine. There then followed hours of entertainment with all kinds of pics of all kinds of guys doing all kinds of things naked.

It's really a simple Tumblr blog, so you can follow posts, ask questions and submit posts. You will find a lot of naked-guy pics, but in the collection are also genuine streaking images: Men invading football fields, students out for a dare, that kind of thing. And the other neat thing is that the posts all keep to that theme, the naked guy theme. Even when you find a video clip, it's on target. (With the occasional image of a lady streaking, too.) Streaking's good fun, a bit of a perv can be had, you can leave your own notes and enjoy the very varied, sometimes just plain daft, naked clips and pics.

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