Stubby Fat Cock

According to Commando's stats, his uncut cock is 8-inches long. But seriously, it's so thick around that it looks more like a stump than a pole. And wait until you see what Commando can do with his fat, uncut cock - he produces a straight up in the air cumshot that would have sperm banks lining up with their little cups. Like his cock, Commando is a stubby guy, standing 5'6" and weighing 135 pounds. Commando decided that since he jacks off a couple of times a day for fun, he might as well make some money at it one way or another. When Commando strips down, you can tell by the size of his soft cock and big, bull balls that's he's going to be packing a big weapon. (Maybe that's why he calls himself Commando.) He teases us by throwing his white t-shirt over his soft cock and reaching his hand under the cover. A minute later, he pulls off the t-shirt with a "ta-dah!" and there's his hard, fat cock. You know, I have no idea how these photographers do their jobs. When I first saw that thick cock of his, I'd be dropping my camera, bending over, and saying, "Please." But I guess that's a good reason that I don't shoot videos for a gay porn site ... you'd never get to see them! Commando sits down on the floor and jacks off giving us a straight up in the air cumshot. It's pretty fucking hot!

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