straight spanish hunk with veiny uncut cock

Earlier this year Bentley Race headed to Europe for an extended vacation. And while touring Hungary, England, and Spain, site owner Ben took the opportunity to do some filming and bring us some of the hot men he found all over Europe. He ran across straight Spanish muscle hunk Max Hilton in Barcelona.

Max is 26 years old and he's actually from Madrid; he was in Barcelona for a bodybuilding competition. He had some time off from the competition and arranged to meet Ben in his apartment. Max was late because he wanted to stop off at the gym and pump some iron before shedding his clothes for the cameras -- muscle boys are so into themselves, aren't they?

It was worth the wait though because when this straight stud stripped out of his clothes, he shows a beautiful body with bulging muscles and a very veiny uncut cock - pretty big, too. And the day turned out pretty good for Max. Not only did he do his first porn video (and shot a nice load all over his abs) but afterwards he won a prize in the bodybuilding competition.

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