What does it take to get into a straight guy's pants? In the introduction to the new book Straight No More: Gay Erotic Stories, editor Winston Gieseke quotes a line from Mart Crowley's seminal gay play The Boys in the Band that offers one approach: "With the right wine and the right music," says one of the characters, "there're damn few that aren't curious." And so sets the tone for this collection of erotic fiction from German publisher Bruno Gmünder.

In 14 short stories, the boundaries of sexual orientation are explored, often crossing the line where sexual fantasy and sexual behavior meet. Authors include Landon Dixon, Ryan Field, Mike Hicks, Rob Rosen, Joe Thompson and (full disclosure) yours truly, Vincent Lambert. My first foray into fiction, "The Man With the Tiger Tattoo," tells the story of an NYC newbie who cruises a married man at lunchtime and before dinner is jerking off with him in the gym steam room. (Don't you love when that happens!?) But that's not where it ends. When the straight dude's wife goes to bed early one night, he's left horny and alone on Grindr. (Where else?!) To find out what happens, and to read these other sexy stories, you'll just have to pick up a copy of the book. For more information, click here.

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