Bam is back at Straight Naked Thugs - and as usual, he's got plenty of attitude. Unlike a lot of the models there, Bam doesn't have lots of tats. What he does have is a surly aggressive look that isn't just put on for the photo shoots. That mohawk isn't just for show, either - Bam is horny, lazy and disrespectful. Some people wonder if guys like Bam are for real - the answer is yes. Bam likes showing off and he likes getting off and he especially likes getting paid.

Don't ya love that cocky look on his face and the way the cigarette dangles from his lips? Bam is every bit a street punk and it shows. But he also has beautiful green eyes...


Look at those lean, firm thighs and nice, unshaven pubes. I love this kind of real guy - the natural body as opposed to those over-muscled plastic pornstars and models.


And how about a closeup of that hard piece of street thug meat? That's one hard cock , and I love the way it curves a little to his right - just right for a little extra sensation while you're sucking it!


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