Navy Corpsman Logan and Army Private Seth Navy Corpsman Logan and Army Private Seth

Two hot straight Military hunks, Navy Corpsman Logan and Army Private Seth get together with All American Heroes to film a refresher course in Emergency CPR ... but Logan (the Trainer) has dirtier things in mind for Seth (the Trainee)!

Things start out innocent enough ... Logan has Seth lay on the floor at his feet and begins his regular routine of checking for pulse, breath, skin tackiness and heart rate. Then he decides to try his luck and begins gently pressing on Seth's chest before leaning in to give him the breath of life. Seth takes the opportunity to get a good deep kiss from Logan, who amazingly doesn't seem to mind! The two hotties, now both sure of their new-found buddy's sexy intentions, really let things rip ... they make out intensely on the floor, with Logan's hand roaming down to Seth's crotch and finding a raging boner in the hunks fatigues. Seth sucks on Logan's cock for a bit and then Logan returns the favour by rimming Seth's tight arsehole, getting the soon-to-be-bottom hunk nice and wet and ready for some seriously hot fucking! Things come to their natural conclusion when Seth cums all over Logan's belly while his arse is still being pounded, and then Seth finishes Logan off with some oral action and gets a hot cum load into his open mouth for all his efforts!

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