And being semi-terrified is kinda the point of a straight man fetish, right? That and putting more potential penises in sexual play. 10% of all adult cock on earth is not enough!

This guy has that mugshot look that just goes right to our hearts (I mean pants). Will he put his dick in my mouth? Will he punch me in the mouth? Will he do both? Or yet scarier: will he sip a soy milk latte while wearing pleated khakis and a french blue button down while prepping for the big meeting on his showroom new Surface Pro tablet while texting his female fiance "xoxoxo I bought you a puppy and the puppy says xoxoxo too mwah!"

Yeah, random straight, ego-filled, majority rule, alpha cock is looking pretty good right now. Especially if the guy takes care of himself like a 42 year old gay guy who does not want to look old, older or oldest ever.

P.S. This guy could also be totally gay serving us het realness. Right down to the Ikea torchiere.

P.P.S. Check out the eyes in row 1, column 2. Yes, sir!

alpha male self pics

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