Straight Hunk Fucked Good

Club Jeremy Hall promised us all a while back that Jeremy would tap the ass of Beaux - the personal trainer out of LA - and they sure make true with that promise in this scene. Believe it or not, Beaux considers himself straight and a gay-for-pay model. Pay no attention to that though as this fucker simply loves a big cock up his ass. Who better to do the job than Jeremy Hall?! Beaux took great care of Jeremy's thick stud dick and even stopped for a while to suck on his low hanging balls from behind. Beaux has this great "fuck you" attitude about him even though he takes the bottom postion sometimes. He puts every bit of that attitude into the way he accepts a good dick pounding too. Jeremy takes his hot hole from behind and then rolls him over onto his back for a while so he can watch Beaux's intense facial expressions as he bangs away!

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