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I seriously don't get what the fascination gays have with two "straight" men getting it on. If I had a dime for every time I heard a gay say: "he's soo hot and he's soo straight acting", I would be a millionaire - and let me tell ya that would buy this HOMO A LOT of dildos!

Well, it seems that straight guys are also partly to blame for this "straight-gay-not-gay" phenomenon. How far will guys go to get what they want? Well, if you are "straight" and are broke but you really want to go to a KISS concert, you will more than likely kiss ANYTHING! In this video we have 2 straight guys making out (tongues galore) for a chance to win tickets to see their favorite group, KISS.

These two really go to town and kissed for "26 seconds" to the slightly homophobic DJ's delight/disgust. I'm serious; if these two weren't making out to get tickets they would have sooo carried on fiddling with each other's tonsils for hours and hours to cum!

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