Brodie and Beaux are a couple of straight guys who Jake Cruises says, "Don't have much experience with this gay stuff." And as you watch their video clip, you get a sense that they're really fumbling their way through it. It's kind of hot actually watching a couple of inexperienced guys figuring out what to do, what feels good. Brodie is definitely straight, he's a little more reluctant than Beaux to suck cock, but he gives it the college try. And at first, he doesn't seem to be very good at it. But the more he does it, the further he goes. Beaux seems to have done this before and through his own technique he seems to be teaching Brodie how it's done. The guys swap back and forth a number of times and each time Brodie gets a little better at cock sucking -- a little more enthusiastic. By the end of the scene Beaux is really riled up and he wants to get fucked. So Brodie hoists Beaux's legs and stuffs his fat cock into his buddy's ass. He's careful and tentative at first, like he's going to break Beaux's ass or something. But as Beaux pushes back on Brodie cock, he gets the idea and pounds a good fucking home.

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