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Mike Douglas is a hot, straight guy. He's good looking, well built, and he's sporting a small cock. But he's proud of every inch. Big dicks are overrated sometimes; and I really have mixed feelings about it. When it comes to getting fucked, I like a fair-sized piece of meat drilling my hole - 8 inches is pretty nice. Anything above 8 inches starts to get a little unwielding. And I don't like walking funny after a long fuck session.

When it comes to sucking cock, I tend to go the other way. I love sucking off a guy like Mike Douglas. His small cock isn't too small; it's just right really. Long enough so you know you've got a dick in your mouth, but not so big that you're gagging or spraining a lip. I sucked a 10-inch cock a couple of weeks back and the back of my throat was sore for two days.

Mike is blessed with boyish good look and sexy blue eyes. His body is rock hard and I love his chiseled pecs and ripped abs. He's got a tight round butt and he even spreads his butt cheeks and shows us his hairy fuck hole. And this sexy blond guy is sporting an uncut dick. I love watching him play with his foreskin. Head over to UK Naked Men and check out this sexy straight guy.

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