Straight Guy's Second JO Video

About a month ago, 21-year-old Ari did his first-ever jack-off video for Spunkworthy. He's your typical all-American guy: good looking, tall, all-round jock in high school, and enlisted in the Marines. What isn't typical about Ari is that when Spunkworthy approached him about doing a video, he immediately said yes. "I was kind of nervous at first about showing my junk on camera," he said. "None of my friends were surprised, but they all think I'm nuts."

Ari admitted that making his first jack-off video was more of a turn-on that anything else. He even went home and told a his friends all about it. Here's hoping some of them are inspired to do the same and give Spunkworthy a call, especially if they're as hot as this straight guy. But it wasn't long after that Ari called back to see if he could do another one. Who could say "no" to a handsome guy like Ari? And those eyes, they drive me crazy.

In his second video, Ari was much more relaxed, looking into the camera and stroking his meat slowly. And it looks like we've got an exhibitionist on our hands; he seems to know instinctively how to work the camera. And since Ari hadn't jerked off the night before, like he did with his last video, the pool of cum on his belly was much bigger. As he stroked himself to completion, Ari's balls tightened and then one spurt after another shot out of his stiff cock. And I think we'll be seeing Ari back for a little hand job or blowjob action.

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