naked straight guy and two doctors

Sean and Judith are a married couple who have come to seek the doctor's advice about Sean's sleepwalking problem. Sean has been found naked on on the street in the middle of the night and they need to get some help with his problem. The doctors at Breeder Fuckers have agreed to help.

After an exam, the doctors agree that Sean needs a bumming treatment and then all will be cured. So they bend this hairy rugby player over the exam table, pull down his jeans and underwear, and tie him in place so he can't wander off.

With his wife watching in horror, her husband's ass is invaded with an instrument. He cries out but he's helpless to do anything about it. Doctor Dave gags this hetero's mouth with his cock, so his cries don't distress his wife any further, then Doctor Adrian shoves his hard cock up this rugby player's ass. Has Sean been cured? We don't know, but with an ass full of cum and a face covered in jizz, he's going to think twice about wandering his neighborhood naked. Only time will tell...

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