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Dru and Levi are about evenly matched when it comes to guy-on-guy experience. Both of these studs started on Corbin Fisher about the same time, and they have both done their homework in the school of gay sex - they've even done a little extra credit.

It was only a matter of time before Corbin Fisher paired these two hot studs together, and I'm so glad he did. The chemistry between these two straight guys is inspiring. They can't keep their mouths off one another! And I don't know which shines through more: Dru aching to bury his dick in Levi's ass or Levi dying to get his hole filled. With Levi bent over in front of him, Dru finally inches his hard dick in to Levi's ass until it's buried in balls deep. Dru drills Levi's ass and Levi is loving every single second of it.

Things really heat up when Levi mounts Dru and rides his cock in a reverse cowboy. Levi is pounding Dru's meat and he's loving every inch of it. Dammit, I didn't know a straight guy could love getting fucked so much. "You're gonna make me cum!", Levi starts to moan over and over. He's gripping his cock, but it's Dru's hard dick hitting the sweet spot inside that starts sending Levi over the edge. He starts to shoot his load all over the place as Dru continues to pound his ass! Almost spent, Levi lies back, opens his mouth, and says, "Give me your load!" Dru doesn't need to be asked twice and he soon paints Levi's entire face with several huge jets of spunk, making sure plenty of it also goes in to Levi's hungry mouth!

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