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Blond-haired Jeff is one of the hottest bottoms at Corbin Fisher and he loves getting his ass plugged. I find this really funny because a couple of years ago, when he first appeared on Corbin Fisher, he wouldn't even let the guy giving him a blowjob touch him above the shoulders. Now, this straight guy is bending over and taking every bone on the site -- and loving it! And Joel's got a hot cock and he loves fucking -- even likes a little dirty talk now and then! These two guys get so caught up in their make-out session that they really did forget there was anyone else in the room. Joel fucks Jeff silly. Jeff moans so loudly, and as Joel thrust slowly but strongly, Jeff continues to react vocally. This really turns on Joel, who is loving that he's making his buddy's ass feel so good. Jeff ends up having one of the most intense orgasms of his life, and this sends Joel over the edge and splattering his load all over Jeff.

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