69 Cock Sucking

Both Travis and Jared are fairly new to Corbin Fisher, and until now they've been led through their guy-on-guy sexual experiences by the more experienced Corbin Fisher alumni. Travis and Jared have each had a handful of guy-on-guy experiences, and they've been discovering how hot they can be. Jared has been fucked a couple of times before, but in this video he has no hang-ups about showing how hot it feels. Jared was loving Travis's big dick inside of him and he was quite vocal about what he wanted Travis to do. And Travis got so caught up in fulfilling Jared's requests that he really was having a good time. In their past experiences you could tell that they were a little unsure about how they should be reacting and looking to the other guys for their cues. But in this video together, these two nearly-virgin straight guys are free of hang-ups. They just want to fuck and have a hot time. And judging by the splooge all over Jared's face, they did just that.

Fucking Straight Guy Ass

Facial Cumshot

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