I'm never really sure about these straight guy sites. The above picture sure is a hot scene from Mike Hancock, one of the Web's premier straight guy sites, but I'm always astonished that a straight guy is cool getting fucked period, let alone on camera for the whole Web to watch. Since straight guy Gary Fountain did his first audition on Mike Hancock, he's been fucked by three other guys -- and Ryan here makes number four. But Gary's bio on the website says he loves being on top with a girl and his sexual fantasy is to be stranded on a remote island with two girls. Hmmm ... And cute surfer boy Ryan is no stranger to Mike Hancock either, in fact, he's made fourteen appearances on the site and even has a Best of DVD. No wonder, he's fucking hot. Cute boy next door type with an 8-inch cock. And I just love watching him fuck. (He even gets fucked a couple of times.) But I guess this old man needs to admit that times have changed since he was a young gay man in the early 80s. Sexuality is more fluid these days amongst the younger generation (God I sound so old, but I'm really only 44) and just because a straight guy is fucking another guy doesn't make him gay. I guess it means that he's simply a straight guy having gay sex. Just like sucking a straight man's cock wouldn't make me straight. If it did, I'd have a vagina by now. :) Oh well, who cares, whether these guys are straight or gay, I love watching them fuck one another.

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