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Mason is a hot, 18-year-old guy who just finished his first jerk-off session with Corbin Fisher. A couple of weeks later, he's filming his first anal sex scene with a guy. The upper classmen watch out for the new guys and teach them the ropes. Trey is hanging out with Mason, showing him his online profile, and telling this young, straight guy what he can expect from his first session.

The guys start flirting and then move things into the bedroom. Mason was pretty nervous, but Trey puts him at ease. They kiss and start exploring each other's bodies. Then Trey starts servicing Mason's whole body, giving his toes a tongue bath, then sliding his tongue up towards Mason's stiff cock. He bypasses Mason's prick and heads for the studs nipples, then finally returns down to Mason's cock. Trey lingers on Mason's stiffy and really drives this straight guy crazy.

Mason takes his turn sucking Trey's huge cock. Mason is a little hesitant about sucking such a big dick, but he wants to return the favor and make Trey feels as good as he just did. The guys get into some 69 cock sucking, then Trey sits on Mason's dick and slides slowly down. He rides Mason's dick, groaning with pleasure as Mason thrusts upward. Trey gets down on all fours and Mason drives his cock in deep. After a few minutes of hard pounding Trey can't hold off any more and he shoots halfway across the bed. Mason pulls out and spunks all over Trey's muscled back. Mason jokingly says his first time was "not so bad." Looked pretty hot to me, Mason!

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