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It's nice to see some new faces on Corbin Fisher this week. Caleb isn't exactly new, he's been around Corbin Fisher for a while now; but he hasn't made an appearance in quite some time. And he's working over brand new straight stud Cooper, who is fairly new. Cooper has had his first blowjob from another guy and he's already fucked another guy's ass, but this is the first time he's taking a bone up his ass. Caleb's dick is lean and long and it looks fantastic diving into a tight hole on camera! Corbin Fisher was never sure about Cooper. The young straight stud always played with the idea of trying some guy-on-guy sex, but it was never assured. Cooper is showing some definite hesitation and he's nervous. But Caleb hits all the right buttons and it's not long before Cooper's cock is rock hard. And when Cooper's legs are hoisted in the air, not only are his hands resting on Caleb's legs, but he's squeezing them and even pulling Caleb towards him. In the end, Cooper fires off a big load with Caleb deep inside him, and it looks like he's already looking forward to his next session.

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