Fucking a straight guy

Well that didn't take very long. Two updates ago, straight jock Jeff was getting his first blowjob on Corbin Fisher. The blonde jock had done his premiere solo jack off scene a couple of months back. And with all the auditionees who are accepted to move on through Corbin Fisher University, Jeff showed up next getting his first blowjob. Today Jeff showed up in a fuck scene with Spencer. God, I love Spencer, he's so cute and he's got an enormous uncut cock. I loved watching it flop up and down as he rode Jeff's cock. Jeff's pretty cute, too. A nice-looking blonde jock with a tight and well-defined body. And frankly, I never thought Corbin Fisher would get him this far. When he got his first blowjob, he seemed a little petrified. When Logan was finished blowing Jeff, he leaned over him and kissed his neck. I thought Jeff was going to die. As Logan started to move, Jeff's whole body tensed up, like "Oh my God, this guy is going to kiss me." So, I know this sex with men thing is new for Jeff and all, I'm just really surprised Jeff went all the way. But I'm pretty sure we won't be seeing him getting boned any time soon. I'm willing to be wrong, but we'll have to wait and see.

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