Michael and Joey are teamed up in a hot suck and fuck scene at Jake Cruise this week. And it's a special video clip. It's Joey's first time with another guy. Michael is tall, lean, and muscular. Joey is shorter, very cute, and sports a muscular, thick body. Michael's the bottom in this scene, but he takes control of the situation in order to show Joey the ropes in his first-time gay sex scene. Michael and Joey spend some time nuzzling and fondling one another and slowly strip out of their clothes. Before long Michael is down on his knees and sucking Joey's cock. It's a hot piece of meat -- thin shaft with a plump cock head and a tight set of hairy balls. After giving what appears to be one of the best blowjobs of Joey's life, Michael asks Joey to fuck him. (You can always tell that a straight guy is experincing a whole new thing when getting their cock sucked by a man. I guess women just can't suck cock as well as a gay man.) Since Joey's never fucked before, Michael instructs him on what to do, "Put it in nice and slow, I want to feel every inch." Once Joey's dick settles all the way into Michael's ass, Joey says, "Fuck man, are you ever tight." And so the fucking begins. I love watching straight guys fuck.

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