I've been watching a lot of Corbin Fisher lately. I love the site. I love the guys; they're beautiful and well-built. And I love Corbin Fisher's close-ups of guys sitting on their buddy's dicks -- those close-ups get me pretty hot. I have watched enough of Corbin Fisher to know that when Grant first appeared on the site that he'd be back for more. I just knew that Grant pretty much embodies everything that a Corbin Fisher guy is. Some of the guys I see on the site I can pretty much tell that they won't be featured again. They got it hard and they got it off, but they just don't have the charisma, the looks, the jack off technique, the Corbin Fisher vibe. So I wasn't the least bit surprised to see Grant featured on the site today getting his first gay blowjob. That is the next logical step at Corbin Fisher University. Grant's got an amazingly solid and well-defined body, he's hot, and he's got a nice piece of meat. Spencer, one of the Corbin Fisher regulars, was enlisted to give Grant his first blowjob. It wasn't too long into the video clip, however, that I became fairly certainly that this was Grant's first and last gay blowjob. Some straight guys just can't get their head around having another guy blow them. Now Spencer's a great cock sucker, I've seen him in action loads of time. But I think Grant just had too much stuff going on in his head. It's okay, you win some, you lose some. I'm still reeling from the five-stud, two-part fuckfest that updated over the weekend. Geez, there's enough jack off material in there to keep me going for a couple more weeks.

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