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I've been a fan of Corbin Fisher for a while. I love the athletic college-aged guys featured on the site. Corbin Fisher has a stable of regular straight and gay guys who play in hot guy-on-guy sex scenes. But a few times a month, the site also introduces us to some new guys in solo jack off videos. And I seem to have a knack of picking which guys are going to pump their cocks and disappear, and which ones will stick around and play with the alumni. I think we're going to be seeing more of Chris. He's straight with a stunning body -- perfectly shaped, with great definition, and a wonderful V frame. I'm particularly fond of his narrow waist, tight pecs and abs, and he has an ass to die for! Chris begins his session jacking off on the bed, but as he relaxes and gets more and more horny, he stands up and pumps his cock right in front of the camera's lens, giving us some juicy close-ups of his stiff dick. And I'm betting that we're going to be seeing a lot more of this straight guy. I'm just wondering which one of the alumni will be chosen to give Chris his first blowjob. And I can't wait to see whose ass he's going to fuck!

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