Straight Guy Fucks Ass

Blonde jock Jeff is starting to loosen up over at Corbin Fisher. When he first appeared on the site in his solo jack off video, I knew he'd be back. He's precisely the type of man Corbin Fisher loves - fair-haired, well-built, smooth, with collegiate good looks. When Jeff was paired up with his first guy, Logan, for a blowjob, you could see that Jeff was tense. Corbin said at the beginning of the scene, "No touching above the neck." And I'm assuming that was for Jeff's comfortability since Logan was going to have a dick in his mouth. Jeff even kept his hands well away from Logan; I don't think he scarcely touched Logan in that video. A few weeks later, Jeff was back, but this time he was fucking Spencer. He didn't seem much more at ease than he did during his blowjob. He still kept his hands away from Spencer, and Jeff seemed to function better with his eyes closed. I was a little disappointed today when I saw Jeff was paired up with Nick in another fucking scene; I was really hoping that the next time we saw Jeff his legs would be in the air. But we are making progress with Jeff in his gay education. This week, not only does he touch Nick's cock in this video, but he actually kisses Nick and jacks off Nick after he fucks him. I wonder what's next and just how far Jeff will go. I'm betting that he'll do a group scene before he gets fucked.

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