Straight Guys First Fuck

I feel like I'm going through a little Corbin Fisher withdrawl. There hasn't been a really hot group scene with all the guys for a few weeks now. Not since "Anything Goes," which was 16 updates ago, have I see the Corbin Fisher regulars embroiled in a nasty cock sucking or ass fucking scene -- or both. Corbin Fisher has been breaking in some new guys and it takes some time to move them through their first jack off scene and onwards through the very stages of their Corbin Fisher education. Gage has been progressing nicely. Last week he got his first blowjob from a guy. And this week he's back with Derek, again and Gage is going to try fucking another guy. Every time Derek goes a little further. When he got his first blowjob it was supposed to be sucking only, but he ended up necking with Derek. And this time, he did some more kissing, fingered Derek's hole, and then, ultimately fucked him. Derek hoisted his legs and jacked off a nice load while Gage pounded into his hole. And then, Gage jacked off and added his load of cum to Derek's. And at the end of every scene, Gage always makes sure he gives Derek a nice kiss. That's sweet - and so unstraight.

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