Last week, Corbin Fisher had five guys getting off in a suckfest. This week most of the same gang are back for a five-man fuckfest. And it's a hot scene. But you know, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't say the obvious -- hello Dorothy, this is Oz calling. You know I can buy that some gay porn sites pay their straight models a lot of money to let a guy blow them on camera; and some of these guys might be financially wooed into fucking another guy's ass, or even getting fucked for the first time ever. Shit, I'd go down on a woman for a couple of thousand dollars. But when they throw five guys onto a bed naked and a gangbanging fuckfest breaks out ... well, I start to have a bit of trouble with the straight guy thing. I think that some at some point you have to start saying, "You know what, I like cock, too!" But all politics aside, it's a pretty hot fucking video; so hot that they had to divide it into two very long clips. One thing that I always love about Corbin Fisher videos is that he loves filming guys sitting on a cock, and he always gets in close with his camera. I love watching a cock sliding into a guy's butt from this angle. These guys fuck in any number of configurations. And I believe that blonde-haired, bubble butt Lucas is the only one who didn't get his ass fucked, which is unfortunate because he's the one I really wanted to see getting porked. The fuckfest ends with four of the guys shooting their loads all over a fifth, who is lying on the bed jacking his own cock. Guaranteed, it's going to take you a few times to get through this video clip.

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