Corbin Fisher must have a magic tongue, he sure does manage to get his straight guys to go further and further. Seth has appeared on Corbin Fisher in a solo gallery, and then, he let another stud suck his cock, and a couple of weeks back he appeared in a threesome with two other straight guys -- lots of jacking off and a little bit of sucking. This week Seth is teamed up with Kip and he fucks Kips ass. This is the first time Seth has fucked a guy's ass ever. With those great looks and hot body, he's been pretty popular at Corbin Fisher. I love watching a straight guy shove his cock up a guy's ass for the first time, they're usually quite surprised to find out how tightly a guy's butt hole wraps around their cock. Seth starts off slowly, barely moving his hips while Kip's ass loosens up. But when Kip is relaxed, Seth starts in with the long, purposeful strokes, pulling his cock almost all the way out and sliding it back in. And the cameraman is on the floor behind him giving us a nice close-up shot of his big cock doing the deed. Kip gives Seth a little bit of a surprise when he lies Seth back on the bed and sits on Seth's cock. It isn't long before Kip is spewing his cum all over. When he's done he hops off Seth's cock and watching the straight jock jack off a hot load.

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