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Once a month, or so, gay porn site Fratmen invites a couple of their guys to get together for a duo. It's usually a side-by-side, jack-off scene, but there can some titilating moments. Frat boy Elliot has a Christian Slater cool about him. He's got sexy brown eyes, and when he peels off his shirt, he has a wonderfully lean, chiseled physique. With a body like this, it's no wonder he works as a personal trainer.

Julian is built like a Greek god. He goes to school full time, but he leaves plenty of time to take care of that hot body of his in the gym. He's a buff college jock with a rock-hard body and an ample cock. I love the dark treasure trail that rises up from his crotch. God, that's so sex

These two horny frat boys spend some time in the shower. Soaping up their hard bodies, they even rub one another. And isn't that just the sexiest thing? Two straight guys showering together, stroking their cocks, and soaping up one anothers' backs. Then these studs sit back on the sofa, legs touching, and they stroke their dicks. There are moments when you can see one guy checking out the other. Whose cock is bigger? Whose is hard? And how does my buddy stroke his cock? And that's fucking hot. Julian shoots a very big load, but not to be outdone, Elliot pounds out a pretty big load of spunk, too. Then these two frat boys laugh, even if just a little awkwardly.

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