Straight Fireman Gets Blown

Say hello to New York Straight Men's newbie to gay head - Steve. He's a native of Long Island and is a fireman for a living. How's that for hot?! Apparently he's a pretty down to earth guy and doesn't have a whole lot of experience with porn. Even watching it, other than a few lesbian flicks he's checked out with his pals. A rep of the site found Steve in a seedy bar where cops and civil servants hang out to drink and she gave him her card. Of course, he thought he would be working with her and when he found he would be getting his cock sucked from another guy, he flat out refused. Well something must have changed his mind, as here he is in all his glory getting a great blowjob from resident dick gobbler Sergio. Everyone is pretty sure that Steve was quite impressed with the sensations Sergio bestowed onto his impressive big cock. Sergio is well known for his ability to complete inhale a schlong, no matter how thick or long it might be. As you can see, his tonsils got tickled to the fullest with Steve's fat dick!

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