Seems to be one of the more popular fads, you know where a straight guy is lured into performing gay sex, for a fee, or something. I mean I assume it is for a fee, or how can the dude be straight?

Then too, there is some sites that do indeed make that claim, but you know they are blowing smoke out of their asses. Like when was the last time did you see a straight buff guy wearing frills, and talking with his hand on his hip?

Still it seems there are a lot of straight guys willing to have their dick sucked, or even fuck another guy's ass, for the right price. Some will do it on the condition of no kissing, like that somehow makes them queer? Then there are those who say they'll do it, but no touching, like how do they thing they are gonna get their straight pecker into the guy's ass or mouth?

There is also the straight porn shot with the emphasis being on the guy, rather than the girl. Now that one is perhaps the closet to being where a guy can truly be said to be straight, just that the camera angle shows more of him, than the female. Though it still gets me, like how can that be a turn on for a gay guy?

Now I like fantasies, I really do. I mean come on, its how I make a living, but what kind of fantasy is it to imagine doing it with a guy who you just know isn't into guys? I kind of like to have at least some hope that maybe, just maybe, they'd be interested, if I was their type.

Yet, if you believe the hype, from some of these straight guys doing it for pay sites, well there are a lot of hot dudes willing to get off, for a price, with another guy. Now I suppose that could be true, but then how come finding a date is so damn hard for most guys?

Then too, if it was that easy, how come so many kids get targeted at school, or elsewhere? I mean there would be a lot less homophobia, wouldn't there? Still, I guess you have to believe the ads, or do you? Is it even about the guy being straight, or is it more of wishing that they were gay, or had gay leanings?

I suppose some shrink is going to pipe up saying that we all yearn for being straight, that we twist it, so as to justify our homosexuality, but you know, I think it is simply that we enjoy a good looking body, enjoy a nice dick, and who cares if its attached to some straight dude? I mean, sex isn't about the sexual orientation, it is about satisfaction, isn't it?

I kind of like a bit of romance in my sex, but hey, some are just into getting off, so I suppose the partner's orientation really isn't important. It is for me, but I still don't get it. I mean aren't there enough gay guys willing to bare it all for the camera? Mind you, I have to say that some of those straight guys, when they jerk off, are damn hot. Makes you wonder though, just how straight they really are.

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