Straight Daddy Gets Blown

Straight guy TJ is just recently divorced, and as a result was able to sample the cocksucking skills of another man. He is now convinced that no one sucks a hard-on better than a talented male dick swallower. Smart guy. TJ is a hairy mature daddy with a really nice meat pole - the kind I personally love to work for a long, long time. New York Straight Men's Sergio was the servicer chosen to get TJ off. If we know one thing about Sergio, it's that he is most likely the best sword swallower in all of New York City. I don't know how good it was for TJ the last time he got head, but judging by how hard he got in this shoot, I'm guessing Sergio blew his straight mind, as well as his manmeat. As usual, we get some great shots of Sergio working that big boner. I especially love the ones looking up, like we're right underneath the action ourselves. Hell, I'd suck off TJ in heartbeat!

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