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We don't see a lot of cowboys in gay porn anymore, but this week Active Duty has a couple of straight dudes jerking off while wearing their cowboy hats. These guys aren't your run-of-the-mill department store cowboys - you know, the guys who buy their cowboy hats and boots at their local Walmart. These cowboys are the real deal. Maverick and Haws like riding horses and working on their trucks. And both of these guys were raised on a farm.

These cowboys are cute, too. Maverick has an adorable ass and he loves showing it off. Haws is much leaner that Maverick, but Haws is also sporting the bigger dick. They strip out of their jeans and shirts and they settle back on the bed. Still wearing their cowboy hats, these two guys start jerking off side by side. From time to time you'll see Maverick staring jealously at Haws big dick.

The guys get up on their knees and face one another and jerk off a bit more. There's some smiling and giggling, but eventually they settle down. And these two cowboys even get down on all fours and rear their asses at the camera. They've both got furry ass cracks, although Haws is hairier than Maverick's. And when they're ready, one after the other, they let their cum loads fly across their smooth bellies. Head over to Active Duty and watch these two horny straight cowboys jerking off.

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