Straight College Men is one of my favourite straight guy sites and I haven't checked it out in a while. I like it because the guys are so legitimately straight and yet they get them doing some very scintillating things. This is Caleb and Denver, and Denver is new to the SCM House. He's a buddy of Caleb's, so there's a certain comfort level between the two. Through the onscreen interview we discover that Denver has a girlfriend and he hasn't told her what he does in his spare time: "And she's not going to know either, " he says. And this is what I love about Straight College Men -- I mean really, does he think that someone somewhere is not going to stumble across his bubble bath with Caleb and spill the beans. The other thing I like about Straight College Men is that they make it interesting. It's not just two straight guys sitting on a couch jacking off and trying not to look at one another. Nope, Straight College Men really pushes the envelope. They start these two guys off playing a game with a tower of blocks; each guy has to remove a block without making the tower fall. On the block's underside is an instruction: "do this" to your buddy or "remove this" article of clothing. And straight as they are, these guys follow through. Man SCM must pay them a lot of money. Next the guys take a bubble bath together and finally they lie naked on a bed together and jack off side-by-side. How hot is that?

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