I just love it when these completely straight guys are so horny and exhibitionist they take all their clothes off to show us their hot bodies and big hard dicks. CIRCLE JERK BOYS know where to find these guys too it seems. Steve is quite shy believe it or not. But he wanted to get back at his girlfriend for cheating on him. So when the dudes at CJB asked him if he wanted to show off his meat all over the internet, he had a really hard time saying no. Was it for vengeance or cash? Who cares. He's here with us in all his naked glory and that's all that matters.


Oh Steve! Do you have any idea what you do to us homos when you bend over like that? There better not be any soap around or I might be apt to give you what for. Damn it what a spectacular pair of buns. At 22 years old Steve still has that youthful tautness that can't be beaten.


You have to love a shot with a serious hottie like Steve kneeling on a bench in the boy's locker room. Cock proudly erecting out from his gym-worked, athletic physique. This image really represents what CJB is all about.


I left the closeup of Steve's hard meat for last. I'm sure CIRCLE JERK BOYS has many more shots available of this sweet college hunk though. So no worries. It was nice of Steve to visit us pervs here at GayDemon. And it looks as though Steve had a great time in these shots. Let's hope he cums back again. And again..and again...and...

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