Peter's a straight kick boxer who shows off what's underneath those boxer trunks at UK Naked Men. He's got a gorgeously lean and muscular body. His pecs are really well developed and hot and I love how defined his six pack of abs are. His chest is covered with a light dusting of hair. And his nipples are super hard. His gallery starts off with 6' Peter posing and punching the air to show off his athletic body. And then, he slips out of his boxer trunks and reveals a hot, tight butt. It's covered with fine, blonde hair and looks really sexy when he bends over for the camera. Peter really loves his cock; he likes touching it and playing with it and spends a great deal of time looking at it. His uncut cock is thick and his cock head is almost as plump and thick as his shaft. He's got a really nice cock that would be a lot of fun to suck. You'll want to check out this straight kick boxer.

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