Breeder Fuckers: Straight Backpacker Force Fucked Breeder Fuckers: Straight Backpacker Force Fucked

Ladies man Wayne is backpacking. He approaches a stranger to ask for directions. The shady character is Breeder Fuckers' Dave, who leads the straight guy down into his basement. Everything goes black. He awakes tied to an exam chair, legs spread with his sphincter exposed. Wayne hurls abuse at his captor who silences him with tape, wrapped tightly over his mouth.

It becomes clear what the aggressive pervert Dave is after when his arsehole endures a tongue bath and gets penetrated by fingers. Wayne is in agony as his butt cherry is forcibly taken away. Dave's fingers work the straight guy's tight hole open further and then he replaces them with his big erect dick.

Wayne gets pounded in the exam chair. He's helpless as Dave repeatedly slams his cock into this bound backpacker. He screams and begs for the merciless shafting to end, but the sound is muffled by his tape gag. The horror is apparent in Wayne's wide open eyes as he watches Dave relentlessly screw his arsehole.

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