Well, you really want to know what I think of Str8cam Lube... It's fucking fantastic.

I mean the first squirt onto my fingers was great. I played with it a bit before putting it on my dick, and it really did feel like cum. But, it couldn't possibly keep the same feeling when used for jerking off... Oh, yes it can!

I'm serious, guys - it's like wiping cum off of ur partners cock, chest, or wherever you fuckers like to spray, and using it as lube. Embarrassingly, I came pretty quick and was amazed at how quick and easy clean up is too.

It doesn't stick to everything, your hands don't stick to everything, and basically you just don't feel like a used, lubricated condom when you're finished.

I'm not extremely used to bottoming yet, but this lube makes it so easy to slide up and down. I've been practicing with the butt plug lately, and I gotta say I took it like a champ because it was easy to slide in and out thanks to Str8cam Lube.

I'm not one to say that lube changed my life, but I love Jeff. And his Str8cam Lube is at the top of its game :)


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