Stories From The Townhouse is a site featuring some very hot and intense stories from a gay dude in Washington DC. In his introduction, he compares his city to Hollywood, and believe it or not, there are quite a few similarities. Sex being one of them. One thing is for sure, our author and webmaster Tom is no racist. LOL. He seems to cover all the bases when it comes to some very kinky and hardcore meetings with blokes of all ethnicities. Notable stories after purusing through most of them would be: "Chpt 3 - Carlos", "Chpt 6 - Massimo", and "Chpt 13 - Vince". Although, all of these stories pack a good punch when it comes to making you hard and randy. It's a simple site with a simple theme. Stories From A Townhouse in Washington DC that will get you off to no end. Definitely a recommended read for all you kinky and hardcore pervs out there.

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