Men At Play's Stewart has been keeping busy with his real estate firm, thus keeping him in the sharpest suits for some time now. But even showing people round London's most beautiful apartments can become quite repetitive. That is until prospective buyer Arthur re-ignites his passion for the job - and Stewart is soon showing him more than just the fixtures and fittings. He wastes no time pinning down Arthur, unleashing his throbbing cock and taking it all in his waiting mouth faster than you can say 'first time buyer'. With the tongue lashing that he shows this home shopper, he may have just sealed the deal and then some. Let's watch and see.


Now isn't that a pretty picture? Mmmm. Nice deeply tanned legs wide open for the world to see. A nice tight butthole just waiting for someone to pry it open. I like how he still his dark socks on too. Like he couldn't wait to be probed do he just whipped his pants off and spreaded.


If this is one of the perks of being a a real estate agent where do I sign up?! Damn yeah. Stewart looks as though he's packing all he needs to close the big deal. And Arthur looks like he's being opened up to a whole new world.


Is that what you call "closing escrow"? Hmmm. I'd call that delicious is what I'd call it. Men At Play have done it once again with these super suited studs. There's never a dull moment, and with all their corporate hunks looking like Stewart and Arthur things only get better and better. This is a great video guys. Be sure not to miss it I tell ya.

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