Steve Walker

Steve Walker is an artist, but if you have not heard of him, you may still recognize his work. Ever seen the cover of 'Like People in History', the Felice Picano book? The cover with the guy looking out of the three windows? Well, that's a Steve illustration and there are many more book covers in his portfolio and that are of a homo erotic nature; or at least, they all feature dreamy guys in almost dreamlike settings, lighting and moments. Men are Steve's subject and, when you check out the catalogue of what's for sale, you find many large and smaller originals with men as the theme. Not necessarily topless or erotic, but simply men being guys, and enjoying private moments, or being together. The works is for sale exclusively through the Lyman-Eyer Gallery of Provincetown, and there are links on Steve's site to take you there. Check his small photo gallery and video collection, read the About page, get to know him and his work and, like me, you will find yourself very tempted to start collecting his art.

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