You can never have enough gay information blogs in my opinion. Steve Rothaus seems to represent the gay population for South Miami, Florida, and from what I see, he's a damn good writer. I guess he better be if he writes for a major US newspaper like the Miami Herald. Recent topics include, the upcoming Gay Games at the Olympics, an article regarding HIV research, and a Jamaican lesbian who has avoided deportation from a pair of drug convictions. The judge deemed that because of her sexual orientation, her life is definitely in danger if ever she was forced to return to Jamaica. With many categories, including, Arts, Bisexual, Books, Business, Crime, Current Affairs, Fashion and much more all the way to "z", this blog provides a massive amount of information and resources for Southern Florida and the gay community in particular. It surfs very easily, is void of any popup windows or crap like that, and is professionally written. Great blog.

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